How to Play

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Your team will have 30 minutes to work on 13 estimation problems. The answer to each problem is a positive number. Your team will submit intervals for each problem. Intervals may not contain negative numbers or zero.

You may not use the internet, or your calculator/smartphone, or any other type of external reference material.

An interval is good if it contains the correct answer. After the 30 minutes is over, the final score for your team will be:

That is, for every problem you get wrong (or leave blank), your score doubles.

The winning team is the team with the LOWEST SCORE.

Download scoring template

Submitting intervals
Every team can submit up to 18 total intervals. Your team will receive an answer sheet containing 18 slips. Use these to submit your intervals at any time throughout the contest. Each slip must contain your team name, problem number, and interval (min and max value).

There will be a scoreboard that will be updated in real time based on the intervals that are being submitted.

Given that each has 18 answer slips and that there are only 13 problems, it is possible to submit intervals for a given problem more than once. If you do this, only the last submission for any given problem is the one that will count towards your final score. To put it another way: each submission (right or wrong) overrides any previous submissions for a given problem.